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State-of-the-art technology

AO-EXPO offers booth (or exhibition spaces) rental in real-time on an interactive floor plan.

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  • Online reservation form configured according to exhibition plan
  • Invoicing and payment processing
  • Production of contractual agreements
  • Information centre for exhibitors
  • Client access for viewing rental reports in real-time

AO-INSCRIPTIONS, a user-friendly and secure online registration platform.

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  • Integration of event visuals (branding)
  • Custom form configuration
  • Payment processing
  • Information centre available to participants
  • Visa applications and invitation letters
  • Client access for viewing registration progress in real-time
  • Periodical report and reconciliation
  • Creation of personalized name badges
  • On-site reception services

AO-EVENT, much more than a simple program, accessible from a smartphone application.

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  • A single intuitive application for several target audiences: participants, exhibitors, VIPs, sponsors, etc.
  • Completely customizable. Create an exclusive application that truly reflects your event!
  • Update your stream of content, even during the event.
  • An innovative and environmentally responsible solution.
  • Customization and integration of content on the mobile application.
  • Promotion and education strategy to maximize the app download.

AO-ABSTRACTS, an online platform for submitting and reviewing abstracts and scientific papers. Whether users are authors, reviewers, or scientific committee members, this tool will meet everyone's needs.

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  • Custom configuration
  • Online submission and option to include attachments
  • Reviewer assignment and tracking review progress in real-time
  • Automated communications (notifications, instructions, etc.)
  • Production of reports by track and average score
  • Preparation of materials for publication

AO-MATCH, a highly effective tool for organizing B2B matchmaking sessions for groups of 50 to more than 1,500 people.
Each participant is invited to personalized meetings based on their specific interests. A true added value to your event.

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  • Adaptable configuration (Number of meetings per participant, length of meetings, sponsor priority, etc)
  • Online registration is simple, fast and secure.
  • Throughout the process, our team’s technical support is available, ensuring efficient and orderly session management.
  • AO-MATCH brings together participants with common interest.
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